Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you accept/file/bill insurance?

A: I work on a fee-for-service basis and do NOT bill insurance. I believe therapy should be based on what my patient needs, not based on the insurance company’s requirements, limitations and billing procedures. In clinics based off the insurance system you often find patients run through the mill for weeks on end with little to no results to show for it all. In contrast, my care is specific to what you need... only using what works, not what will “reimburse” the most.


Q: How long is a treatment session?


A: Generally speaking, sessions last around an hour with initial examinations taking slightly longer at times. That full hour is spent with me, one-on-one, using manual therapy. I do not have patients waste their time doing exercises with me that they could be doing at home. In addition, I do not use modalities that aren't effective but "reimburse well". During your session I will only utilize techniques and diagnostics that are most effective for a speedy and full recovery.