"My treatment sessions are designed to be so thorough that extended amounts of therapy are not necessary, even with the toughest cases of chronic pain.."

Physical Therapy Treatment Session

Committed to improve...

During this session I will re-asses musculoskeletal function and movement patterns and listen closely to patient feedback. I'll also provide hands on joint mobilizations and soft tissue work which may include fascial manipulation, postural training, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, active release techniques, etc. We'll finish up with an in depth look at your prescriptive exercises and more training in the progression of your tailored corrective exercise program

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Getting to the bottom of it...

This session includes a comprehensive examination of your pain/injury, including in depth posture, respiratory and gait analyses. During our time I will identify the root cause of your pain, fix it and then teach you how to prevent it in the future. A full treatment concludes this session, utilizing the best manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education techniques available to the industry. Specific, prescriptive exercises will also be given to improve postural alignment, dynamic stabilization and movement efficiency.  All exercises will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated, as they are equally essential to recovery. My goal is to resolve the underlying root cause of your symptoms, restore optimal function quickly and then educate you on how to remain that way, eliminating years of ongoing therapy